Welcome to Ninja Wombat Studios

All of our goods are handmade in our small studio in Maumelle, AR.

We keep our Etsy store updated with the newest designs and items. We have some new neurology, dentistry, and anatomy designs.

  • Medicine and Microbiology

    Items designed to give your favorite healthcare provider a smile or make you coworkers envious.

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  • Chemistry and Math

    Chemistry is around us. How can you not love it? Chemistry is life!

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  • Zoology

    Animals are better than people. We said it.

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  • Ornithology

    Birds are pretty amazing creatures. We're huge fans of birds of prey (we are close personal friends with a few), so this section is pretty BOP heavy.

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  • Farm and Agriculture

    Items mostly geared towards the livestock parts of farming: goats, chickens, bees and, more.

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  • Paleontology

    Why doesn't anyone ask your favorite dinosaur when you get older? Hint: the answer is always Spinosaurus.

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  • Strange Creatures and Cryptids

    Cryptids aren't really science, but the mythologies surrounding them are kind of cool. Arkansas has so many cool cryptid stories. That's probably why we like them so much!

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