Printed items:

  • What do you mean by handmade on printed items? 
    All printed items are printed using sublimation printing. That's a complex process that starts with us designing the graphics. 

    Most of the graphics on our products were designed by Ninja Wombat Studios, though some are licensed to use by us. 

    After the graphic is designed, it's printed with special ink on a special kind of paper.  That graphic is then trimmed, affixed to the item being printed (like a coffee cup) with special tape, and heated until the ink bonds with the item.  
  • Sublimation? I heard about that in science class. Doesn't it have to do with gas? That's right.   If you remember your elementary school science, sublimation means the conversion of substance from solid to gas without becoming a liquid first. The artwork is heated and transferred to the surface of the item in a gas state. Pretty cool.
  • Is the graphic permanent? Yes. Sublimation graphics are permanent, but surfaces can be damaged by dishwashers, so we recommend against dishwashing any of our items.

Clay Items:

  • What kind of clay and glaze do you use? We use a cone 6 porcelain clay.  We use commercial, food safe glazes (usually Amaco, but some others too).  We sometimes use a brown stoneware clay.  That's usually mentioned in the listing.  All liner glazes are commercial glazes designed for lining dinnerware.


  • Why are you shipping times so long?  We usually ship sooner than 5-7 days, but we like to give ourselves that leeway because we work full time jobs outside of this. We'd rather you be pleasantly surprised by getting your order early than ship late.



  • What do you do for a living?  Amanda is a pharmacist, writer, and volunteer educator at a zoo.